Our Story

The Break Room is the official rage room of Charleston, South Carolina. Founded in April 2019, a small and extremely passionate team saw an oportunity to provide a service unlike any other, while making a positive difference in the community. Within our 2,400 sf facility, we built our space from the ground up. The owner is a firm believer in detail orientation and no expense was spared when desiging the city's first rage room. Charleston is no stranger to the extraordinary, and that's why we knew we'd be a perfect fit. Whether it be for fun, or for release, we've got something you need. The days of smashing a car in the Wendy's parking lot are over.. Come see how we do it on our turf!

The Master Smashers

Hailing from South Carolina’s anchor city/ugly step sister, Myrtle Beach, Cole spent his formative years studying cave drawings and perfecting the art of underwater basketweaving. A College of Charleston alum, Cole continues to practice Real Estate alongside his new venture, The Break Room: Charleston. After forming his team of qualified, top notch nincompoops, Charleston’s first (and best) Rage Room was born on September 3rd. If you ever wonder what goes on in Coles mind, you can bet he’s daydreaming about being a frycook at the most poppin joint under the sea, and hanging with his pet snail Gary. 

“Does anybody else smell burnt toast or should we call a doctor?”

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Cole Wadsten


Jay grew up in Noank, Connecticut, a passionate sailor and boating enthusiast. He graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Business Administration, concentrating his studies in real estate and the Charleston market. When he isn’t cashing checks and snapping necks, you can find Jay enjoying a nice cup of Chamomile tea with a half teaspoon of honey, or riding his unicycle down East Bay street.

“I'm just here so I don’t get fined.”

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Edwin was but a tiny lad, Born in Passaic, NJ. A multisport athlete growing up, Edwin has been pushing the limit since day 1. As a US Army Infantry veteran, his occupation took him around the world and helped shape him into who he is today. A fun fact about Edwin is that he can fit 11 golf balls in his mouth. Also, he has requested that we include his ability to…. fold his tongue in half? 

“You never notice when I get my hair cut”

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“Mick” earned his nickname when he won a drinking competition at age 7 in Dublin Ireland. A formidable contender and favored underdog, Mick went on to become a professional catfish noodler, landing the record breaking 212 pound catfish he posthumously named Steven. Mick’s legendary catfishing techniques led him to the marine corps, where he spent his time as a Machine Gunner overseas. In his down time, Mick plays live sets and continues to hone his skills as a sound engineer. Also an accomplished writer and outspoken advocate for Military Vets, Mick may be the only one of us that can slam dunk without a running start.

“That Bison has an ass like a dumptruck”

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